Electrolytic Capacitors

The low ESR products are widely applied in the markets of motherboard and power supply. Even though they're merely passive components, the quality of them affects the duration of the product life and takes up a big portion of the cost. It is proven that low ESR electrolytic capacitor plays an important role in electronic products. And that is why customers put strict requirements and thorough inspection to select quality capacitor supplier such as OST.

Apart from the hot selling low ESR electrolytic capacitors, the customized polymer conductive capacitors have also been approved and selected by various customers.

High-voltage (over 200V) electrolytic capacitors are also critical components of power supply in addition to low ESR electrolytic capacitors. The cooperation and interaction with customers to achieve the best design and cost control are always the goal of OST.

To meet different demand from customers, OST has been authorized by Japanese aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturer TOSHIN to not only distribute all series products, but also be the only global marketing partner of TOSHIN.

OST keeps developing the products of high quality and low cost for offering customers more and better choices. Custom-made product inquiries are also welcome.