About Medical Crystal


We are as a customer-oriented manufacturing company of oxide single crystals.

    We offer the following capabilities: 
  • (1) crystal growth, 
  • (2) cutting, lapping, and polishing.
  • (3) detector array & module assembly.

Although we have equipped high-level developing ability, we continue enhancing the technological strengths to reach long term competitiveness. We have deeply cooperated with the research institutions, such as National Sun Yat-Sen University, and Institute of Nuclear Energy Research. Our products have sold to the world's leading PET equipment manufactures.

Our Technology

We mainly adopt the Czochralski (Cz) method to produce single crystals.  This method apply to various types of single crystals, the benefits are fast fabrication and lower energy consumption.


Our Products

We offer scintillator, such as Ce: Lu2-xYxSiO5 (LYSO) and Ce: Lu2SiO5 (LSO). With the ability. We integrate from upstream to downstream technology in the industry. Domestic manufacturers will not need to rely on imported raw upstream materials. We help the development of positron emission tomography equipment to boost the growth of the advanced medical& biotechnology industry.

Currently, we major provide scintillator of Ce:LYSO, single oxide crystal substrates such as LiGaO2, LiAlO2, LSAT, SrTiO3 and high power laser crystals such as Nd(YAG), Nd(GGG).

Our Factory

We have two factories to offer whole chain of crystals growth and proceeding. Midas One Material Corp. is our crystal growth factory which is located in Tainan, Taiwan. Sanoho ostor electronics co. is the crystal proceeding in Beijing, China. 


Our strengths

Our strengths are:
  • (1) our R&D ability, 
  • (2) our Production Flexibility, and
  • (3) Quality

We have strong patents, furnace design maintenance ability by ourselves, and good crystal growth measurements skills. Our various types of crystals and manufacturing ability will meet your needs. We offer competitive prices because of our long term relationships with important suppliers.

We can do
  • (1) High quality crystal growth
  • (2) RMS level (<5°A ) of crystal lapping
  • (3) Optical level of crystal polishing
  • (4) Doping elements ability to meet customer’s needs.
  • (5) Producing various types of crystals to satisfy different area.

Product Specification

Material Spec.
Scintillator Ce:LYSO
Density (g/cm³) 7.30
Decay Constant (ns) 40
Photons Intensity ≥ 7 times BGO
Peak Emission (nm) 420
Energy Resolution (%@511keV) 10.8
Reflective Ratio 1.8
Linear Decay (cm@511keV) 0.8~1.2
Hygroscopicity No
Melting Point (℃) 2120